About Us

Our curriculum consists of themes/units. 

These themes will be the focus of our study for the week or longer. 

Activities, reading, and projects will be based on our theme for the week. 

Communication between home and school is essential to each child's success. 

A newsletter will be sent home at the beginning of each theme/unit outlining upcoming activities and special events. 

We follow NYS Pre-Kindergarten Common Core to prepare students for Kindergarten and beyond.

Circle Time:
Circle time is a very important part to our day. As the first activity of the day, students' imaginations and minds are activated as we learn the calendar, weather, numbers, and new songs. 

Calendar: Students will learn their months, days of the week, count the days, and examine seasons. At this time, students are taught sign language that associate with these calendar characteristics.

Weather: Preschoolers will have the opportunity to be a weather girl/boy. Students will study the weather and tell the class today's weather. 

Children will have at least thirty minutes of supervised outdoor playtime daily. We will go outside every day unless extreme weather is occurring. Please ensure that your child is prepared with the proper clothing for our changing weather and seasons! 

Children will also have indoor "free play" as part of our daily free time. Students will have the opportunity to use their imagination in the dramatic play corner, kitchen, and workshop areas as well as our other many activities.

Math will be incorporated throughout our day in many activities. Students will recognize their shapes and numbers as well as write them. Beginnings Preschool has a variety of manipulative(s) to teach this complex topic. Students will learn the following skills: counting, one-to-one correspondence,measuring, graphing, sorting, grouping, adding, and subtracting.

Children will be taught all letters of the alphabet. We have letter of the week (or longer). Students will learn the correct pronunciation and comprehend different objects start with that letter. We spend a lot of time teaching students the individual sounds of letter and then move into blending sounds which will assist in emergent reading. Students will recognize high-frequency and sight words.

Students will explore the different elements of science such as nature, seasons, and earth. In this subject, students will make inferences, predict, solve real-life problems, and create new solutions to world problems. Students will have the opportunity to conduct age appropriate experiments.

Beginnings Preschool uses the "Handwriting without Tears program." This program helps students recognize the twenty-six letters of the alphabet as well as write them. We use an iPad to assist preschoolers in learning the correct formation habits of letters and numbers. This program will certainly prepare students for Kindergarten.

Dance & Music:
We have a variety of musical instruments at Beginnings Preschool. Students will learn about different instruments and examine sounds. Young children love to dance! We have engaging dance routines that students will enjoy!

Read Aloud:
As our last activity of the day, our Read Aloud will help "sum up" the day's activities and learning points. This interactive activity allows students to use several skills such as retelling, predicting, and recalling new skills and information that was taught throughout the school day. 

Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Assessment for Child Care

Child Care Nutrition & Physical Activity Policies
  • Our staff join children at the table for meals
  • We provide visible support for good nutrition in 3-5 year old classroom through use of posters, pictures, and books.
  • Our staff often talks informally with children about trying and enjoying healthy foods.
  • We provide at least 120 minutes of active play to all children each day.
  • We ensure that children are rarely seated for periods of more than 30 minutes. 
  • We rarely show television and videos.
  • We provide fixed play equipment (tunnels, climbing, and balancing equipment) that is extensive and varied for all children.
  • We provide portable play equipment (balls, hoops)
  • Indoor play space is available for all activities, including running, when weather does not permit outdoor play
  • Our staff often encourage children to be active and often join children in active play