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Please print the following forms and return to Beginnings Preschool
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Beginnings Preschool
PO BOX 294
Boiceville, NY 12412
This form may be used when a parent consents to having over-the-counter products administered to their child. These products include, but are not limited to: topical ointments, lotions and creams, sprays, sunscreen products and topically applied insect repellant.
Beginnings Preschool is MAT (Medication Administration Training) certified. We can administer prescription & non-prescription drugs to your child.

This form may be used to meet the consent requirements for the administration of the following: prescription medications, oral over-the-counter medications, medicated patches, and eye, ear, or nasal drops sprays. This form must be completed by parent and licensed authorized prescriber.
​This form may be used if you cannot get written instructions and or signature from authorized prescriber. The medication authorized on this form is valid for one day only.